Saturday Sit-Spank – Sept. 30th

Mark Sterling Writes

How about a murder mystery? The Disciplined Date is a who-done-it surrounding a fetish dating service. Someone is not only spanking the customers, he is murdering them…


He smiled and removed my right sandal. I lay back on the bed as he held my heel and massaged my toes. He kissed my toes. My pussy oozed, but my thumb again touched the panic button.

“Is this the way you like it?” he softly asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” I sighed.

Sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, he raised my bound feet to his shoulders. My knees fell open and my dress slid down to reveal my red satin panties. I wondered if the wet spot in the gusset material was visible. He kissed each foot’s arch. Lying on my back moaning, I stretched my arms above my head and twisted my torso from side to side. One…

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Author: felicitybrandonwrites

International bestselling & award winning writer of BDSM, spanking erotic romance.

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