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Welcome to the weekend! Earlier in the week, I shared a sexy snippet from one of my closely-guarded WIP’s. Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to contact me with feedback – I love hearing from you all. 🙂 Today, I am pleased to post another exciting excerpt from the same WIP, and this time, things are really about to eat up…

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He swoops on me, his speed and agility a shock, though not unexpected. For my part, I do nothing to resist him. It seems my fate is sealed, and I am more than ready to accept whatever this man – this self-confessed sadist – has in mind.
I am carried a few feet to where the bench sits, waiting. Jack places me down on it, the burden of my weight apparently effortless to him.
“Turn around, and bend over,” he orders me, and I find my body is scrambling to obey even before I register the command.
He moves wordlessly, securing each of my limbs to the bench with the leather straps I had noticed earlier. As all four of them are buckled into place, my breathing becomes faster and more erratic. This is really happening. I am actually here, strapped down face first over this strange contraption, and soon he’ll be doing goodness knows what to me. My chest heaves as I struggle to pull the necessary oxygen in from the air around us.
“Breathe, Madelaine,” he soothes, rising to stand as he steps away from my left wrist.
Breathe, I snort. Easy for you to say… but my lips remain quiet, wordless, as I watch him wander to my behind.
He touches me, and I brace, expecting pain, yet his caress is gentle. One, maybe two fingers trace an invisible line over my body, beginning at my shoulder blades, and running down to my exposed bottom.
“You are quite exquisite, Madelaine,” he murmurs, his tone full of his own arousal. “Of all of my projects, you are the most beautiful.”


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4 thoughts on “A secret spanking… #SatSpanks”

  1. Intense snippet, Felicity. I have a feeling Madeline enjoys being under his control. I, however, would have had a less than submissive reaction to his referring to me as a project. I want to read more….

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