Here’s to 2018!

Happy New Year!

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To my fierce friends and readers, 2017 is done and dusted. Let me be amongst the first to wish you a spectacular New Year, and an epic 2018! This year promises to be my busiest and most successful one to date.

Thanks for being part of my erotic romance journey – your support is truly appreciated!

To say thanks, I’m enclosing a sneaky spanking snippet from my next release…  This one should be a available in a matter of weeks. I hope you enjoy! 😉


The sound of the new strike fills my bedroom, and for the first time I hear what sounds like a small sob from her throat. “Furthermore,” I continue, pressing the point now there finally seems to be some contrition from Goldie. “When you were found and faced with your offences, you showed no remorse whatsoever!” I spank her an eighth time, filled with fervour as I see her body responding to her penance.

“Ouch!” The sound of her voice serves only to fuel my desire. “You’re hurting me,” she cries.

“Come now,” I say, commanding her body to still without so much as a single instruction to do so. “I am merely giving you what you deserve, and everyone here knows it to be true.”

I spank her earnestly then, delivering a further seven strikes – one after the other – loving the look of her punished little behind as it moves beneath my palm.

“That is fifteen,” I pronounce, looking to my brothers for clarification.

“Then you are done?” she asks, once more contorting her young body to look at me over her shoulder. “You said fifteen?”

I smile, gazing down at her as I reply. “I said fifteen if you behaved yourself,” I remind her.

Her face shifts, furrowing her flawless brow. “But, you can’t,” she continues. “I have behaved!”

Now it is my time to snort. “This behaviour, Miss Lacie,” I reply, “has led you to a further five strikes.”

“Five?” She protests almost at once, straining to be free of my lap.

My left arm holds her in place with ease. “Yes, five,” I insist, “and you should be grateful that I do not add more for the trouble you have caused us.”

“Damn right,” agrees Ethan, coming to sit on the bed next to me, and the head of the sprawling Goldie. “You deserve a lot more than this.”


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