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We’re half way through the week, and one step closer to Six of the Best being available to pre-order. In this post, I’m going to share a new, sexy snippet from my story, The King’s Vice, so make sure you add this hot new book to your reading list!


“Do you desire to please me, Lady Jane?” The soft vibration of his voice snaps me straight back to the here and now, his gaze full and demanding as he awaits my answer.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” I reply urgently. “I desire to please you in all things, yet I fear I know little of how to achieve this aim.”

The King leans away a little, laughing lightly at my response. “You need not worry on that score,” he says. “If my instincts are right about you, My Lady, then you should be happy to obey your King. Is this the case?”

I still, desperate to take a new breath, and yet too consumed by his words to do so. “Yes, Your Majesty,” I reply in a rush of words. “What should I do?”

He smiles. “Yield as you have yielded,” he tells me, his brown eyes dancing as he watches my expression. “And then, when you are certain that it is not possible, you will yield to me further.”

I swallow at the instruction, unclear about what he means or how best to respond. He is the King; surely, I must yield to him in all things, so how can this request be best exacted?

He leans forward all of a sudden, his proximity robbing me of my breath again. “Do you consent, My Lady?” He asks, the levity in his almost entirely vanished. “Can you surrender to my resolve?”

I answer without so much as a thought to the consequences. “Yes, Your Majesty,” I reply. “I swear I can.”

His lips capture me in a heartbeat, moving so fast that my mind has barely any time to register the act until my body has already done so. My nipples, imprisoned beneath the confines of my bodice, begin to tighten into small buds, and the desire between my legs begins to bubble into an unbearable ache. As his tongue moves deftly into my mouth, exploring me at his leisure, I cannot help but envy the other ladies their nudity. For the first time in my life I want none of this modesty, rather I want to delve into these feelings which the King has awoken. I desire to swim in them, let them consume me, and be devoured. I desire that he devours me.

As he draws away, breaking the sensual connection of our lips, the look in his eye is nothing short of wicked. “Then it is settled, Lady Jane,” he whispers, never breaking his gaze. “You shall learn to yield.”


Six of the Best teaser

I’ll be in touch soon with news about the pre-order links.

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