Italians do it better by Holly J. Gill

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Italians Do It Better

This is the second book in the standalone series of the Italian Playboy series.




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When you

taste something forbidden, and all that your heart wants is unattainable. How

does the heart handle the pain?


I’m charming,

sexy and being the lover of a powerful woman is like taking candy from a child.

My life is perfect—I get all the release a man could ever dream about. One,

two, three ladies who cares? I’m happy. Until she walks into my life, a woman I

had never laid eyes on. I wanted her and I wasn’t going to stop until she was

putty in my hands. She was my new addiction. Only, little did I know that this

addiction was crossing a fine line. I never expected the impact she would have

on my heart, and now I was drowning. I was trapped in a world I wanted to leave

but couldn’t.


How will I

survive when my heart wants what it can’t have?


*Note: This book contains cheating*


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“Morning darling.” I startled as Peggy

placed her hands on my shoulders, squeezing before she landed a kiss on my



“Where’s your friend?” She walked over to

the coffee machine and started fiddling with the pods.

“She left first thing.”

“I trust she enjoyed her visit?” She

grabbed the mug and took a sip. “Sorry I didn’t introduce myself, but I ended

up working most of the night.”

“She did,” I said as Peggy sat down on

the stool at the breakfast bar.

“Good, she certainly appeared to like

Luca.” She hitched her eyebrows as her overly sweet smile slipped just a tad

before she glued it back in place, “And I can understand why, what’s not to


I grinned in her direction purposefully

avoiding eye contact with her, not wanting to pass comment. I could feel my

cheeks heat as images of his gob-smacking body assaulted me. I stared into my

tea, hoping that she couldn’t see my face—I was certain that my thoughts were

stamped all over it.

“I’ve got a function in London today,

which means that I’ll unfortunately be staying in town. Luca’s not quite

himself, must be some bug or something.” She slipped off the bar stool as she

downed the last bit of her coffee. “I don’t know whether he’ll be about much,

but if he shows his face maybe you can entertain yourselves. Watch a movie or


“Are you sure he’s okay?”

“I’m sure it’s just a headache that’s

making him feel queasy. He’ll be fine. I think I’ve just worn him out and you

know what men are like…dying swans with anything.” She shrugged as she

deposited her mug in the sink, turning to leave. “Regardless, I’m sure he’d

love the company.”

I followed her out of the kitchen to the

front door. One of the staff already had the boot of her waiting car open and

was loading her suitcase and some other random looking cases into it.

My skin tingled as I heard the shuffling

behind me. Luca stood beside me looking rather pale, he looked drained and

stressed. I wanted to reach out and hold his hand. I wanted to wrap my arm

around him and tell him that I didn’t care about anything except him. My heart

dropped as he took a step away from me, his body tensed as Peggy walked back up

the steps to the front door.

“I am trusting you both to behave. I

don’t want anyone here whilst I’m gone,” she said, pointing her finger at me.

“Including that friend of yours!”

I laughed. She kissed me on the cheek and

then turned her attention to Luca. “Go and shake this headache off. I need you

fit for tomorrow,” she grabbed his groin and squeezed. He blanched, his Adam’s

apple bobbing as he swallowed.

“Of course.” He murmured as she went up

on the tips of her toes and kissed the corner of his mouth. His fisted hand

coming around her but not touching her or pulling her closer.

“You’d do well to remember what I told

you yesterday.” She flicked her tongue over his lips. He took a deep breath and

opened up for her and she dove right in like some predator ready to pick on her


I tried not to watch, the sounds were

enough to make me gag. She released him after a few moments and a one-sided

whispered conversation that had him flinching, and finally made her way to the


I watched Luca as he stood watching her

car disappear down the drive. He took a deep breath, his eyes glistening.

“Fancy a dunk in the pool?”

“I can’t. I’m not—”

“What’s going on Luca?” I reached over

and wrapped my hand over his wrist.

“Nothing.” He pulled his arm from me, his

jaw clenching as he turned back into the house. “Headache.”

“Talk to me, please?” I touched his

shoulder as he started shuffling back down the hall.

“Not now!” He shook my hand off and

carried on walking away from me, not once looking my way. “Please? Okay Emma?”

I closed the door and slammed my back

into it. I wanted to run after him and make him feel good. I wanted to make him

forget everything that was bringing him down and stressing him. I’d never seen

him like that. He was always so happy and chilled. I felt like I was missing

something and after yesterday, after seeing him outside the office and hearing

the way Peggy had ordered him in like he was about to be chastised.

I headed to my room. I was determined to

show him a good time without the worry of Peggy showing up. I stripped off my

clothes and put on a skimpy black bikini. I fixed the small lace triangles so

that they just about covered my nipples, the thin straps caging the plump flesh

like a harness. It made me think of the way his body had looked wrapped in the

leather straps. My pussy clenched and ached just at the thought. My nipples

hardened. I was breathless, and I could feel the heat radiate from my

libidinous core to my tingling skin.

I wrapped the thin black lace cover up

around me tying it around my waist and made my way downstairs. As I got to the

bottom of the stairs a smile formed on my face. My heart swelled as I saw Luca

already in the pool. His long arms rotating in and out of the water as he swam

his lengths, looking hot and devilish. He stopped halfway through a length as

though he could feel me watching him. His eyes squinting in the direction of

the house. I took long, bouncy strides to the glass doors, I stopped and smiled

at him.

“Are you coming in?” He made his way to

the side of the pool. His toned and muscled torso rippling as he walked through

the water. He was a vision. A god.

I approached the water’s edge. “I thought

you had a headache.”

He dove under the surface, his limbs

gliding through the water as he swam toward me. As he reached the edge of the

pool he lifted his head out the water, his hair sweeping back as droplets made

his stubble glisten, emphasising his chiselled jaw.

“Not anymore.” His eyes met mine and a

beautiful smile lit his face.

I stood there for a moment taking stock,

etching every sinewy line and ripple into my memory. I lifted my gaze back to

his as I untied the lacy cover-up. In slow motion I opened it a little more,

revealing my body to him. He took a step back into the water, his breath

audibly hitching as his big hungry eyes devoured me. I straightened my arms

beside me allowing the soft fabric to slip down my body into a puddle at my

feet. My skin puckered with the cool breeze. He licked his lips and quirked a


“Lascia que ti scaldi, bellissima.”

I had no idea what he’d said but either

way, I guessed it was hot and sexy. I sat on the pool edge before gently

lowering myself in. The warm water wrapped around me and I sighed as his arms

followed suit. The front of his body moulded to the back of mine. I let my head

fall back into his shoulder as he tightened his arms around me. He ran one of

his hands up my body, gliding it over every wet curve. I waited for him to

grope my breasts, but his hand just kept going until he cupped my jaw. He

tilted his face to mine, his eyes roaming over my face. My heart sped up as he

breathed me in. He groaned and I’m not sure why, but this felt different. It

felt like more, like I was more to him. I felt hot tears prickle the back of my

eyes, my body shuddered as his lips ran up my jaw to my ear in one flaming

kiss. I turned in his arms facing him as his lips murmured over mine. “Cara


He moved us slowly into the centre of the pool. The water feeling warmer the deeper we went, or maybe it was just him wrapped around me. I wasn’t sure whether it was him or the water, but in that moment, I felt like the most important thing in the world. I’d never felt like that in my entire life. I’d never felt like the centre of anyone’s universe. I sighed into his mouth as my fingers curled into his hair. He tugged my long dark strands so that my face lifted right into his. I thought he’d kiss me, but he just caressed my face.

I dropped my head back into the water as one of his hands travelled down my neck to my breasts. He hooked his hand under one of my boobs and held me afloat on the surface of the water. His eyes just ran up and down my face and my exposed skin.

“Sei la cosa più bella di tutta la mia vita, la cosa più bella che mi potesse mai capitare.”

“I don’t know what you just said, but I want to hear it again.” My nipples hardened as his thumb ran up and down the side of my breast.

“Tu sei il mio tutto, Emma,” I swallowed, as his hands went to my waist bringing my body back to his. He kissed the sensitive skin just behind my ear before whispering, “Everything.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist as our chests rubbed. I felt his erection trapped between us. My sex clenched, begging for the merge of our bodies.

He cupped my jaw with both of his hands, his gaze eating into mine “Sei così più bella.”

He brought his face to mine, his lips skimming mine. My tongue licking his lips as I ran it over my bottom one. He gasped before desperately ravaging my mouth. His hands dropped from my jaw to my arse where his fingers dug into my skin like he was trying get right under it. He tugged me impossibly closer to him, his hold on me deliciously painful.

 Luca lifted me up on to the side. I had no idea how we’d got there, all I knew was that as my legs dangled into the water, his fingers worked by bottoms off. He ran his mouth up my thighs sucking and nipping at my flesh.

“I need to taste you.” He kissed the

smooth skin between my sex and my belly button. His eyes met mine as I caressed

the side of his face with my finger and then my thumb.

His hands brushed up the outside of my

thighs before he cupped my arse cheeks tilting my sex toward him. Then without

hesitation he lapped and sucked at my pussy. He ran a finger up and down my

moist slit. His tongue teased and tasted every morsel of me. I tangled my

fingers in his hair holding him tighter to me, my head fell back as I relished

the feel of his tongue and the vibration of his moans.

He smiled up at me before kissing my

clit. His thumbs running up my folds as his tongue licked down to my entrance

and back up to my bundle of nerves. I shuddered as he pressed a finger inside,

curling it as he massaged my front wall. My elbows giving out from under me as

my thighs clamped around his head. I moaned, and he withdrew one finger and

pushed back in with two. His third finger massaging the skin between my opening

and arsehole, as his tongue circled my clit.

I grabbed my breasts pushing them

together and kneading the sides, I was so turned on I could barely breathe. He

removed his fingers from my channel and ran his tongue all the way down to my

perineum, massaging the sensitive skin in wet, warm circles. He pulled my

thighs farther apart and nipped the skin on the inside of my thighs.

“Luca,” I cried out wanting his attention

back on my pussy.

“Yes?” He smiled up at me as he ran his

nails up the back of my thighs.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed out, “Please.”

He chuckled before blowing on my exposed

sex. He ran two fingers through my folds before pushing them into my mouth as

he lowered his face back to my pussy. I sucked on his fingers as he did my

clit. Sucking harder and harder as the pleasure built up inside me. I was so

close…teetering on the precipice.

The ache inside me grew with every

second, my core contracted, begging to be filled. He sucked my nub into his

mouth and released it with a pop before his tongue filled my pussy. He lapped

at my sex, his groans growing with mine.

He withdrew his fingers from my mouth,

his hand gently cupping my neck as his other hand worked its way up my thigh.

His lips kissed up my body to my neck where he gently bit down as his fingers

thrust deep inside me.


I cried out as my body clenched and spasmed around his fingers. I collapsed

into him as he stroked my hair, cradling me to him. He wrapped his arms around

me kissing the top of my head as I came back down.


Luca pushed out of the water, sitting on

the edge before he helped me to my feet. He grabbed a towel from the lounger

and draped it over my shoulders. I wasn’t sure why he did it. If it was to

cover my modesty, it was a little late after what he’d just done to me in the


He pulled me to him again wrapping his

arms around me, “You’re cold.”

“Am I?” Was I? If I was I couldn’t actually feel it.

He smiled down at me. “Non ti lascerò

mai.” He kissed the top of my head again, “Non lasciarmi andare mai, ti prego.”


sounds sad.” I looked up at him, his eyes shone into mine. “I may not

understand what you said, but I can feel your melancholy.”


“I can feel you’re sad.” I ran my hand down the side of his face as I looked up at

him. “What happened yesterday?”

“I don’t—” He took a deep breath, “Is it important right now?”

He picked me up in his arms as he buried his face between my tits. He sucked and

nipped at them. Nibbling the skin at the edges of my bikini top. His covered

erection jabbed at my sex as he walked us over to the summer house.

“No, not right now.” I laughed as he blew a raspberry on one of my boobs.

He kissed my jaw as he slid me down his body to my feet.

“You like that?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“It’s safe to say that I really like

everything you do to me.” My voice broke as I saw the bed.

The very bed where Peggy had him.

“Luca.” I hiccupped as my stomach

dropped, my head shaking.

“It’s clean.” He cradled my head in his

hands and kissed the tip of my nose.

I wrapped my hands around his wrists,

“I…I can’t.”

“Please.” He sighed, “I want to see you everywhere I look when…when—”


I leave.




Holly is from Grimsby, Lincolnshire in the UK. Holly writes adult erotic, contemporary romance and at the moment has a thing for Italians, the naughtier the better. She loves spending time being chaperoned by her hubby for drives in the British countryside. She adore spending time with her family three grown up children and twin grandchildren. She enjoy listening to music, visiting friends and reading, any genre, but bad boys do her thing at the moment.

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