Welcome, Felicity Brandon!

Thanks to Brandy Golden for featuring Goldie and her three bossy bear shifters!

Brandy Golden Books

Today I’d like to spotlight Felicity Brandon’s new book, GOLDIE’S SURRENDER! 

This book is a hot fairytale style of romance that may perhaps be a bit darker than you are used to?  Or not, my friends! All I can say is come and check it out with me, it looks deliciously naughty!


What if the fairy tale is real?

We all remember the story of Goldilocks, the young woman who stumbles across the three bears’ humble abode while wandering through the woods. You’d always thought the story was make-believe, designed to entertain small children, but what if I told you that you were wrong?

Goldie Locks is very real, a spoiled young woman living in a bubble of her father’s wealth and indulgence. It is this Goldie who makes her way into the forest, losing her way and eventually seeking sanctuary in the small cottage she finds there. But…

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Author: felicitybrandonwrites

USA Today Bestselling author of dark romance.

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