Lily admits she needs regular spankings in this week’s #SatSpanks

This week’s #SatSpanks brings another sexy snippet from my new release, Flawed! I hope you have already purchased it. If not, you can click here to grab it now and start reading it today!

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She was bent over the arm of his leather couch a few moments later, her glorious breasts dangling tantalizing close to his left hand, and her arms trapped by the confines of her dress. Ethan sat watching her trembling body for a moment, before he yanked up the end of her dress, exposing her little white panties. He eased them down to her thighs, ignoring the excited little grunts she issued.

“You need to be spanked?” His question echoed around the room. “Is that right?”

Lily gasped, and he watched as she licked her lips before she continued. “Yes, sir,” she conceded. “Yes, please.”

The sound of her words made him heady, and his palm rose in excitement, crashing back down over her upturned cheeks. Ethan watched with satisfaction as the reverberations of the strike rippled down her thighs, and then he swatted her again—harder.

“Oh!” she panted.

“What was that?” he barked, getting into the swing of his pace as he spanked her over and over again.

“Thank you, sir,” she panted, and even though there was a trace of some pain in her tone, Ethan could tell she was enjoying it.

He paused, sweeping one digit down the soft hairs that covered her pussy and along her seam. Lily was already soaking with obvious desire—a fact that made his erection thicken beyond reason.

“Do you need to be spanked regularly now, Lily?”

Ethan’s tone was demanding, but he was genuinely interested to hear her answer. Lily seemed so receptive to the sting of his palm, and as he gazed down at the reddening skin of her exposed arse, he could barely believe how lucky he was. No wonder he didn’t just want to cut her down in her prime like so many others—Lily was one to consider keeping.

“Yes,” she moaned, and he watched as she bit her lip as the next swat landed. “Yes, I think so, sir.”

“And what about fucking?” he growled, ensuring he peppered her sitting spots with hard, intense spanks as the question resonated. “Are you going to need to be fucked regularly, too?”

She was definitely panting now, her body squirming over him as she tried to absorb everything he had to offer. His free hand shifted to her luscious breast, trapping the nearest nipple between his thumb and finger and massaging it until Lily groaned.

“Yes!” she squeaked. “I hope so, sir!”

Fuck, he closed his eyes as the myriad of hot sensations washed over him. He hoped so, too.

“Wiggle those panties off,” he ordered. “And spread your legs.”

Ethan reached under her body as she complied, grasping her other nipple just as Lily’s stance widened. His spanking hand shifted at once, the fingertips caressing the underside of her pussy and massaging her excited little clit for a moment before he once again lifted his palm and brought it crashing down. This time, he caught her sex intentionally, watching her face as a guttural groan left Lily’s lips.

“Do you remember who owns this pussy?” he snarled as he spanked her wonderful little cunt again.

Fuck, Ethan couldn’t wait to have it.

“You,” she croaked, rocking her hips back in search of his palm once more. “You do, Ethan.”

“You’ve got it, beautiful,” he told her in an approving tone. “And soon you are going to get it, but first I want you to have your pleasure again. Grind yourself against the arm of my chair. Go on, show me what a dirty little thing you can be.”

“Oh God,” she mewled, her mind apparently prepared to protest the point, but it was futile. Lily’s body was already doing what he’d commanded and was writhing like a serpent over the leather, jumping to the strike of his hands as he delivered them.

She was mesmerizing to watch, her upturned arse reddening under his hard strikes, and all the while her hips gyrated, taking Lily closer and closer toward the hedonism she sought. Ethan pinched her nipple, eliciting a cry from her lips, but it was soon replaced by an erotic moan as he slid a finger into her wetness.

“Come for me,” he commanded. “Come for me now, little flower.”

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