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When eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia Franklin is sent to live at the estate of Lord Thomas Markham after her father’s death, she cannot help being drawn to the wealthy gentleman, and it isn’t long before she is imagining what it might be like to be his wife.

Thomas has never met a woman like Lydia before, and despite the objections of his meddling mother, he proposes marriage. But when another man seeks to interfere in the hopes of having Lydia for himself, will Thomas end up losing her before they even take their wedding vows?


Here is a steamy excerpt to peak your interest!

“Indeed,” he says. “But what to you deserve, Lady Lydia, for the disrespect and disobedience that you have shown me?”

Our eyes reconnect in a heartbeat, mine wide as he considers his own question. Can he really mean to punish me for what had transpired last night? The thought provokes the old insolence in me, and yet there is something else – that other feeling – the one which had pooled between my thighs when he had taken Lucy over his knee.

“I know not, My Lord,” I reply even as my face flushes in front of him.

“Then let me tell you, My Lady. As my ward you have no say on my verdict,” he says, his voice still soft, but brimming with quiet authority. “You are mine now, and it is my role to guide you and provide you with the correct moral framework. As such I shall decide upon your penance.”

I clench the muscles deep within me as his words resonate around my head. “Yes, My Lord,” I say in a small, hushed voice, and for the first time in my life I take solace in this act of subservience. Lord Markham seems like a man who may be worthy to take control of me. Until now I believe I had not met a single one.


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