Lydia admits she has disobeyed in this week’s #SatSpanks

This week on #SatSpanks, we follow Lydia as she admits she had disobeyed Thomas and is going to get punished!  Due to the amazing demand, I have decided to extend the sale for Taming Lady Lydia

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“You can either be a good girl, behave and obey my requests…” He pauses, watching my responses carefully. “Or, my love… you can resist me, try me, and be soundly spanked for your trouble. Do you know which you have chosen tonight?”

I swallow at the question, my hips raising beneath our entwined bodies as though they choose to answer for me. “I have disobeyed you,” I whisper.

He smiles, his brow rising wryly at my comment. “Yes,” he agrees, kissing me chastely on the lips. “And so you will be spanked.”

“I am sorry, Thomas,” I whimper, not really sure if I am truly sorry, or whether I just enjoy playing the heroine to his bondage scene.

He is already moving down my body as he replies. “Thank you, my love,” he replies, and there is genuine warmth in his tone. “But you know the rules. You are to be punished and then you will be pleasured.”

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