Ethan toys with his pet, Lily in this week’s #SatSpanks

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“Is it so bad?” Ethan’s seductive voice washed over her. “Being my little pet?”

Lily gulped at the question. What the hell was she supposed to say to that?

“The truth, little one.” His reply was instantaneous. “That’s always what I want from you.”

She considered that, her mind recalling the rollercoaster of events they’d shared in the last few days. Lily supposed Ethan had always given her that much—he’d always been honest when she’d demanded it.

“It’s overwhelming,” she replied. “Sir.”

There she’d said it. And it was the truth.

Ethan nodded. “Of course.”

He sounded sincere enough. “But what else, little one? How does it make that gorgeous little pussy?”

Oh God.Lily’s eyes squeezed shut at his query. He was going to make her say it, again, wasn’t he?

Ethan’s laughter told her the answer.


“Shall I see for myself?” His amused tone made Lily’s eyes fly open again, and all at once, he was right there with her, one of those large hands already reaching down between her legs.

Lily panted. “Please, sir.”

This was too much. More than she could bear. She should have just forced the words out when she had the chance, but it was too late now. Ethan’s fingers were already pressing through her soft nest of hair in pursuit of her desire, and Lily knew what he would find.

“Oh, Lily,” Ethan’s gaze widened as his fingers swept through her evident moisture. “You are so wet for me.”

It was bloody miserable to admit, but he was right. She was soaking. Lily could feel how wet she was.

Ethan shifted his position, coming to kneel beside her right hip. He dropped the end of her leash, using the hand to push back her hair. She was revealed to him now. All her humiliation, all her burning need—no doubt obvious from his close proximity.

“Don’t be ashamed,” he murmured, and as he spoke, his fingers pressed harder at her sex.

One digit stroked her swollen clitoris while the other pushed inside her wetness.

And fuck, it was so good.

“You have nothing to be ashamed about.”

Lily gulped at the certainty in his voice. She wished she could believe it, but it simply wasn’t true. She had every right to be ashamed, and it went much deeper than this act of debauchery. It resonated all the way to the core of their relationship. The way she had yielded to him; supported him and stood by him. Even when Lily had found out about the murders—even when she knew the truth. She’d still stayed silent.

She was complicit.

“Stop that.” His tone was harder now, matching the pace of his fingers.

Lily gasped. “I can’t.”

The sensation at her needy little nub was so good.

“It’s true, sir. I’m guilty, and now all of this—it’s too much.”

Her voice caught as Ethan slipped a second finger inside her pussy, his rocking palm slowly pushing her closer toward the hedonism she sought.

“You are not guilty,” he whispered into her right ear. “None of this is you, Lily. It’s all me.”

She shook her head, pulling in a deep breath. That just wasn’t true.

“I’m the killer,” he told her in a low tone. “And I brought you here by force, remember?”

“No,” Lily panted. “That’s not how it happened.”

“Oh, really?” Ethan’s hot breath tickled the side of her neck and all the while, his fingers continued their relentless rhythm. “Did I not bind your wrists and ankles for most of the journey?”

Lily glanced toward his face. He was so bloody handsome, and he had her now—in more ways than one.

Ethan’s free hand shifted, swatting her exposed behind hard. “Didn’t I, Lily?”

Oh, God, that feeling between her legs was building, and right on cue, Lily’s legs began to shake.

“Yes, sir.”

She barely even recognized her voice now.

“So, how can this have been you?”

Lily’s lips parted. “I…” she started, but the stimulation was too much, stealing whatever words were coming next.

“Answer me, Lily,” he growled. “I will take my belt to you if you defy me.”

Oh fuck no. Not the belt. Anything but that!

She was trying, wasn’t she? Couldn’t he see she was trying to answer?

“I should have run.” She was almost hyperventilating now, and each new breath seemed a struggle. “I should have reported you.”

Ethan pressed his lips into her nape, the sensation clouding her head further.

“You aren’t going to report me, little one,” he purred. “You were never going to report me, were you?”

Lily shook her head. She wasn’t sure how much longer her thighs could withstand the passion he was creating.

“What was that?” Ethan yanked the end of her leash, jerking her body toward him.

“No!” she gasped. “No, sir.”

“What you’re going to do is come for me, Lily.” His voice was as insistent as his fingers. “Isn’t that right?”

The pleasure was crescendoing, making it impossible to think.

“Yes!” Lily cried out. “Yes, sir.”

Ethan’s arm snaked around her, holding her steady as his fingers curled inside her. “Good little pet,” he cooed. “Do it then. Come for me now.”


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