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“Hannah.” Fuller’s voice had dropped to that growled whisper, which had made her so hot and bothered the night before. “Is there a problem?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Fuller, sir.” She was breathless, but this time it wasn’t arousal that tainted her voice but utter dread. “I-I don’t know if I can.” Hannah lifted her chin to assess his unimpressed expression.

“Do you seriously need another round of punishment as well, young lady?”

His query sucked the oxygen from the corridor, and Hannah could barely catch her breath.

“No, sir.” Hannah didn’t, but the threat didn’t seem to be enough for the adrenaline coursing around her body to push her body forward.

“I thought we had reached a new understanding, you and I?” Fuller crouched in front of her once more, the wooden door swinging closed behind him. “I thought the pleasure I offered you last night meant something?”

His brow rose with the inquiry, and Hannah was lost for breath for quite another reason. There was an intensity in his blue gaze—a power the pillory had denied her the force of the prior evening, and its effects were immediate. Hannah’s head was foggy with the lust that swirled inside her, the memory of the way he’d ripped the orgasm from her weary body last night, threatening to swallow her up altogether.

Oh God!

She managed to hold in the words, but her throat dried as though she’d spoken them aloud.

“It did mean something.” Hannah’s words echoed around her. “Sir.”


“Yes,” she gasped, watching as his face neared another couple of inches.

Fuller lowered his body even closer still. “So, why am I waiting for you to obey, Hannah?”

Her lips parted as though she intended to reply, and she was certain that she’d intended to, but there were no words at first. Instead, there was only the ferocity of his stare and the hypnotic way his purr seemed to draw her toward him.

“I’m scared, sir.”

There. She had said it.

Fuller’s lips curled. “Now, you’re scared?” His tone was amused. “I never saw such fear in you yesterday when I dragged your cute little ass back to be paddled.”

Hannah swallowed at his reasoning. Fuller was right. She hadn’t been afraid then, just seething and gut-wrenchingly disappointed with herself for running straight into his clutches.

“No, sir.”

“So?” There was the eyebrow again, that one gesture tightening the heat at her core.

“I’m not scared for me.” The truth was rolling from Hannah as though Fuller’s expression alone could extract it from her. “It’s April.”

Fuller sniggered. “April?” His tone was full of disbelief. “Why would you be worried about her?”

That was more difficult to answer. Hannah wasn’t exactly sure. All she knew about the woman was from the way Lucy and the others had spoken about her and the fact she alone had brought Hannah her chance to flee. Even though she hadn’t been successful, Hannah owed April, and she knew it.

“I just…” Hannah hesitated. “I’m just dreading what I’ll find, Mr. Fuller.” She lowered her gaze to her hands at the admission. That was at least the truth.

Fuller’s laughed gently. “As you should be.” His tone was coaxing now, the soft goading voice that could lull her with such apparent ease. Her face rose at its resonance. “But what’s done is done, and it’s time you faced the reality Hannah.” He smiled, moving his face to within a few inches of Hannah.

“You really only have one decision to make, Miss Bowman. Are you going to be our good girl and obey, or are you going to do things the hard way—like April?”

Christ. Hannah didn’t know what was transpiring in that shitty little hallway, but somehow, Fuller was crawling his way back into her head again, making the awful seem reasonable, and the immoral seem like her greatest hedonistic desire.

It was what he did.

It was what they both did.

“Hannah?” His voice was only a whisper, the warmth of his breath, causing her eyes to flutter closed. “What’s your choice?”

Hannah sighed. She wanted to be stronger. Jesus, how she wanted to be stronger, but even without the mysterious allure of the man, she knew she wasn’t. The paddle had been difficult enough to bear. Hannah wasn’t sure she could cope with whatever penance they’d concocted for April.

“I’ll be good, Mr. Fuller.”

“You will.”

It was more a statement than a question, but she nodded anyway. “Yes, sir.”

“There’s my good girl.” Fuller inched toward her, his lips grazing across her half-open mouth for one heart stopping moment. “That was a smart choice.”

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