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Submitting to the Doctor - BJ Cover


Following the death of her twin sister and the abuse of her sadistic ex-boyfriend, Lillian Gaines drove away from her home to flee her heart-wrenching grief. Exhausted, numb from sorrow, she drives into a snowstorm and ends up stranded on a Montana back road. 

The last thing Doctor Mitchell Hoffstetter wanted was to put up a stranded motorist at his cabin, but seeing the bruises marring Lillian’s face stifles his irritation. He couldn’t help offering comfort when her grief kept her awake, and for all her sass and independence, she succumbed to his commands and touch without pause. They went their separate ways the next day unable to forget that one hour. 

Mitchell soon discovers Lillian is living in the motel in town. He offers his garage apartment which leads to another opportunity to show she wasn’t as opposed to his dominance as she claimed. Lillian discovers a side of her she couldn’t control whenever Mitchell leveled one of those potent gazes her way and showed her ways of pleasure she never imagined she would embrace. 

It takes a threat to Lillian’s life for Mitchell to admit his sassy, independent tenant and lover had found a way through his grief to his heart, but had they both waited too long to express their feelings or would he and their friends ride to her rescue in time for them to start over together?

This is book seven in the Cowboy Doms series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, sensual scenes, adult themes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Here is a steamy excerpt from the book:

“A little cautionary advice, pet,” he said, clasping her hand, “it’s not wise to challenge a Dom.” Spotting a vacant spanking bench in the corner, he tugged her over to it. “Wait here a minute while I get a few things.”

She tensed next to him, likely from the order, but he didn’t look at her as he strode to the cabinet on the wall a few feet away. He didn’t have anything in mind until he opened the doors and spotted the thigh straps with attached wrist cuffs. Perfect. Selecting those, he went to the toy cabinet, debating over dildos, vibrators and various spanking implements. A new item caught his eye and he reached for the glass anal beads, his cock twitching as he imagined inserting them, and her response. Picking up the dual slapper and feather tickler, he carried the objects back to Lillian, who eyed them with a mixture of interest and trepidation.

“Remember, saying red ends whatever I’m doing, without question. If you need to ask me about something, go ahead. Otherwise, try to focus on what your body is saying. Are you wearing panties?” 

“Yes, of course.”

“Of course,” he murmured, watching as she realized his inquiry was appropriate given the different stages of attire by everyone. He unzipped her skirt, keeping his eyes on hers. “You’ll still be covered, then, if I remove this. Step out,” he instructed as the black garment fell to her feet and left her standing in a pair of beige silk panties and white blouse. 

Stooping in front of her, he slid his hands up her smooth right leg. She clutched his shoulders as he reached the top of her thigh and wrapped the Velcro strap. “Drop your right arm.”

Her muscles tensed under his hands as she questioned him. “Why?”

Glancing up, he pinned her with a disapproving frown. “Because I said to.”

Lillian huffed, those violet eyes swirling with indecision before she gave in to his calm patience and lowered her hand. Mitchell nodded in approval then turned his attention to attaching the cuff to her wrist, binding her arm to her upper thigh, checking to make sure the snug fit wasn’t too restricting. He did the same procedure on her left, only he grabbed her hand off his shoulder himself to secure that arm to her leg before pushing to his feet and cupping her chin. “Are you clothed enough and is this dark and secluded enough to continue?”

“Yes.” She jerked against the restraints, a confident grin lighting up her face. “I’m not going to freak out on you, Doc.”

A part of him wished she would so they could end this and put it behind them. Seeing those long, bare legs again got his blood pumping with a need he couldn’t deny, the temptation to test her cocky self-assuredness riding him hard.

“Good to know.” Releasing that stubborn jaw, he turned her to face the spanking bench. “Kneel down, hips pressed against the edge, torso prone.” 

Mitchell had to give her credit for not balking or arguing as she settled into position. Her muscles were tense, her breathing hitched, but she lay face down on the U-shaped headrest without a word. Testing her, he slid a finger under her panties and grazed the damp seam of her pussy lips. Shifting to the side of the bench while keeping his finger nestled between her puffy labia, he leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“You’re wet and swollen, pet. Are you sure you’re not submissive?”

Lillian lifted and turned her head, their lips almost touching as she replied, “You’re touching me, so of course I’m aroused. We’ve already established that.”

“Then let’s see if I can confirm a few other things.” Straightening, he pressed his finger deeper, brushed against her clit and pulled back. Flicking the side mechanism on the bench, he pushed the head down several inches until her hips were elevated above her shoulders.

Gasping, she yanked on her arms and then groaned at her inability to move. Her voice wobbled, a telltale sign he relished, as she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Placing you in one of my favorite positions.” Adding a second finger to her pussy, he stroked her into accepting the decadent pose in favor of concentrating on her pleasure. The next plunge knocked against her womb before he withdrew to circle the small bundle of swollen nerves. Slick juices coated his digits, soft muscles contracted around them and her clit hardened. Time to pull back.

A frustrated growl rumbled from Lillian’s throat but, much to his surprise, she kept quiet. Until he coasted his cream-covered fingers up her crack, dampened her anus and then breached the tight puckered entrance with his middle finger up to the first knuckle.

Her whole body quivered as she wheezed, “Oh, God. Mitchell, I don’t know about that.”

“Then say red.”

“And stop everything now?” she snapped with frustrated incredulity and a shift of her hips.

This was easier than he had hoped. “I guess I can let you skip this experiment, if you can’t handle it.” 

For the first time in what seemed like forever, Mitchell let loose with a deep chuckle as she went rigid and the muffled bite of her reply reached him. “I can handle whatever you want. I’m not saying red, so go ahead.”

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Author Bio

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now prefer being a homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to read is suspense.

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