Seducing His Sassenach by Ashe Barker

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When a baby is stolen away from her mother by the English king’s men, nursemaid Jane Bartle offers her help to Robert McGregor and his band of Highlanders as they seek to rescue the child.

Publisher’s Note: Seducing His Sassenach includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here is a steamy excerpt from this book!!

“I shall never forgive you for this,” she muttered, at last moving toward the wagon.

“I do not seek forgiveness. Just obedience. And I shall have it, one way or another.” He paused while she leaned forward to rest her palms on the bare wooden boards. “Wait.” He folded the cloak she had taken off and set it down on the wagon. “Ye may rest your body on that. ‘Twill avoid splinters an’ such like.”

“Your consideration quite overwhelms me, Scot.”

“And your sharp tongue does no’ go unnoticed either, wench. I would suggest ye do not provoke me further this evening.” He removed the cloak he was wearing, the one he had taken from the dead English officer, and he draped that over the side of the cart. “Now, lean over, rest your face an’ your chest on the cloak, and lift your bottom up high.”

“Will this do?” She assumed what she thought might be the approximate position.

“No, ye’re still too low. Wait there…”

He took hold of the sack of turnips that he had moved earlier and dragged it right off the cart. Jane watched as he set it on the ground. “Stand on that,” he instructed.

She did so and found that now when she bent forward she had to lower her upper body considerably more in order to rest upon the cloak. Her bottom was held aloft, in perfect readiness for the Scot’s heavy belt.

“Feet further apart,” he advised. “For balance.”

She shuffled her feet, still wearing her boots, to the outer edges of the sack.

“Excellent,” he concurred. “Ye can make as much din as ye feel tae be needful, but ye will no’ move until I tell ye that we are done. Is that clear, Jane?”

She managed a nod, not daring to trust her voice.

“I should also point out, just in case ye may ha’ been wonderin’, that is a very pretty wee cunny ye have there, Janie.”

“Y-you should not be looking at me,” she squeaked.

He chuckled, already swinging his belt to test the weight. “No, I expect ye’re right. But I shall do so anyway. Are ye ready, Jane?”


“Yes. Just… get on with it.”

In the next instant, the terrifying swish of flying leather split the air, a moment before pain exploded across her buttocks.

Jane let out a scream and started to straighten up.

“Do not move,” he commanded in a tone to brook no argument. “Unless ye want me tae start over.”

Jane gulped in deep lungfuls of air and fought to absorb the agony. She danced from one foot to the other, and after a few seconds the fire did indeed cool somewhat.

The belt swung again, and fresh tendrils of flame wrapped themselves around her upturned, unprotected bottom.

She screamed again, could not help it, but this time she managed to keep still. Panting, she curled her fists around the folds of the cloak and clung on.

He delivered another stroke, and another. Each one unleashed fresh rivulets of fiery torment across her blazing skin, but the shock was less somehow. Maybe she was becoming accustomed to it…?

The Scot adjusted his stance and swung again. Now he concentrated on striking first one buttock, then the other. Jane tried to count the strokes but soon abandoned that effort. It was all she could do to breathe through this. She was gasping and sobbing into the thick fabric of the cloak when he halted.

“That was the tenth stroke. Halfway,” he informed her.

Only half? Dear Lord…

“Are you all right, Janie? If ye need me tae stop for a short while, I will.”

Even as she considered the blessed prospect of a break in these proceedings, Jane knew that would not do. She needed this to be over.

“I… I am fine,” she managed to whimper.

“You wish tae continue?”

“Not really…”

“Jane?” He laid his palm on her smarting buttock. She let out a sharp shriek, but he ignored her. He squeezed her throbbing globe as though he could press the pain more thoroughly into her flesh. “Ye’re takin’ your punishment well, girl. Your bottom is glowing quite beautifully…” He caressed the other cheek by way of demonstrating. “This hurts ye, does it no’?”

“Yes,” she ground out.

“Good. I want ye tae remember this moment, the way this feels, the next time ye’re tempted tae go your own way rather than do as I tell ye. Will ye remember, d’ye think?”

She would. Jane entertained not the slightest shred of doubt. “Yes. I shall not forget.”

He appeared to be considering. At last, he answered, “Hmm, I think ye might not at that. Still, best tae make sure, eh? So now, after each stroke, ye will thank me and ask for the next, by way of assisting you in committing this entire experience tae memory.”

“You expect me to thank you, for beating me?” Was the man quite deranged?

“For teaching ye tae obey, Jane. I think you will agree, ‘tis an important lesson.”

“I hate you…”

“Aye, ye may think so, right at this moment.” He patted her throbbing bottom. “But can ye learn tae obey me? That is the thing here. Will twenty strokes be enough tae achieve that, d’ye think, or will it require even more?”

“Twenty will be enough,” she blurted, desperate to avoid attracting yet more of his harsh discipline.

“I am relieved that ye think so. Now, after each of the remaining ten strokes, ye will thank me for my trouble in teaching you and ask me for the next. Right, Janie?”

“Yes,” she hissed. “I shall thank you.”

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