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Depths - Submission at The Tower
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Submission at The Tower: The Depths of Desire is an erotic BDSM novel and a unique, intense and fast-paced exploration of one woman’s journey into sexual submission. Set in the luxurious and mysterious location known only as ‘The Tower’, the story is told entirely through Janie’s eyes and offers the reader an insight into every arousing high and insecure low that she experiences there.
Upon arrival, Janie consents to ‘audition’ for the men of The Tower and from there the reader is invited to bear witness as her every dark and delicious fantasy unfolds at the hands of her new masters. The book contains sizzling scenes of submission, sexual humiliation, and spanking, as well as those of the developing intimacy and desire she feels. Janie is prepared to submit her body for mutual pleasure, but when she meets an alluring dominant called Patrick Shaw, she’ll have to decide if her heart is on offer as well…
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