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It’s hump day, and for me this week is all about editing. One short story for a secret project is complete, and I’m now ploughing into my final Goldie edits. For my #WIPItUp post, I’m excited to bring you a snippet from my secret short, and this one has a truly regal feel…


He has a classically handsome look about him, his large dancing eyes, and strong jaw accentuated by the dark curls which frame his face. His gaze is hot and compelling, and right now all of its intensity is directed right at me.

“You are most welcome here in my court, Lady Jane,” he purrs, his eyes devouring the cut of my bodice, and rising north over my throat and mouth.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” I whisper, my words barely audible over the sound of my racing heart.

He smiles, the sort of expression which could melt through the bitter English snow. “I hope I’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the coming weeks.”

I risk a glance at him, and for just the briefest moment our eyes lock. He smoulders at me, those large brown eyes conveying the message he wants to deliver. And I hear it.

Every. Single. Word.


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Reaching the peak – #Satspanks


Yay, we made it to the weekend! Time for some sizzling Saturday spanks, with the awesome #SatSpanks blog hop. This week I bring you a scorching little climax from one of my secret WIP’s – check out the spanking snippet below.


My mind reels at his verdict, yet even as I mean to protest, his hand once again connects with my bottom, the impact reigniting my desire.  I moan outrageously into the bedding, my head falling forward as he spanks me once more. Waves of passion come hard and fast after that, the rhythm of my own pulsing need drowning out even the intensity of the spanking. My body acts on impulse, my hips flexing, drawing my middle between his palm and his breeches. The flames between my legs grow larger, their strength overpowering everything else until the authority of this need becomes everything. His hand swats me again and it is just enough to topple me over the precipice which I seem to have climbed. A debauch, guttural groan escapes me as I plummet, my body clenching in the most delicious way.

All at once his digits are right there, in the place where my arousal has peaked. He sweeps a finger over the area, chuckling at what he finds. “Well, well, My Lady,” he purrs. “It seems our objective has been attained…


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A test of mettle – #WIPitup


We’re half way through the week already, and it’s time for the awesome #WIPItUp blog hop! My snippet this week comes from one of my secret projects. I hope to be able to reveal some more details in the new year, but in the meantime, enjoy this intense little excerpt…


He raises his head, gazing up at me, standing by his side.

“Thank you all for attending.” He says the words to everyone, to both of the gentlemen, as well as the four other kneeling ladies, yet it’s my gaze that he never breaks whilst he speaks. “I have a new guest with me, and will be tending to her desires this evening. She is mine, and mine alone. The rest of you are free to play as you choose.”

I swallow at his words, my wrist falling into his lap as he releases me from his strong grasp. Turning, I bite my lip at the look of the gentleman. This man is my Lord and definitely my master, yet the thought of what he has in mind for me at this moment is nothing short of terrifying. I tremble as he appraises me, those deep soulful eyes assessing me carefully. Slowly, and without explanation, his right hand reaches for me, capturing my neck and drawing me down towards his face.

“So, here we are, My Lady,” he murmurs, bringing my mouth towards his own. “You have accepted my challenge so far. You have come to my chambers when I requested, accepted a drink and a meal, yielded to my kiss, and then, when I tempted you with more, you were hungry for what I offered.” He smiles, our faces just inches apart. “How exquisite you are,” he whispers. “How utterly beguiling… Yet now we come to the truly tantalising part. Now we reveal just how much mettle the lady has. Will you yield to me further this night, or will you refuse me?”


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