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It’s Saturday again – hurrah! This week has been another insane journey for me, preparing for the release of The Viking’s Possession, and penning my new darker romance.

So, first thing’s first. You can now add The Viking’s Possession to your TBR list at Goodreads! Do so here. 🙂 Thank you.

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In order to whet your appetites, here’s the book’s blurb:

After she saves the life of Prince Anders, the Viking warrior who took her as his captive and tamed both her body and her heart, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose knows that she can never return home again. She will belong to Anders forever, as his bride and his possession, destined to be used and enjoyed as thoroughly, shamefully, and often as he pleases.

Though Anders has proven many times that he is more than willing to punish her bare bottom harshly for any disobedience, with war fast approaching between her brother and her husband, Aurelie puts her own life in danger in the hopes of making peace. But when her reckless gamble goes wrong, can Anders rescue his headstrong young wife before any harm comes to her?

The Viking’s Possession is the sequel to The Viking’s Conquest, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. It includes spankings, and sexual scenes, including some scenes of sexual humiliation. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Now, onto darker realms… My latest book is a capture fantasy, and I’m going to share a sexy little snippet for you right here. Be warned, this is pretty raw and unedited (straight from my writing desk this week). It’s also *dark* and NSFW!


Molly flinched, inhaling as Connor’s palm rained down on her bottom. She blinked up at him, a single tear making tracks along her petite nose, and down to the bed. “I…I don’t know what to say,” she squealed as he spanked her again.
“Yes, you do,” he growled, swatting her backside. As he lifted his palm again he swept his hand south, making contact with her sex. Just the slightest touch made him hard. His pet was absolutely soaking wet, her seam dripping with her very obvious desire.
“What are you?” He demanded again. “Why are kept leashed and why do you drink from a bowl?”
Molly gulped, her face blanching as his meaning became clearer. Connor’s hand had stopped spanking her since its contact with her wet seam, and as he waited for her reply, his digits tantalising close to her pussy. His gaze never left her face though, and all the while his stare penetrated her face as he pushed her to admit her new-found status.
“I’m your pet, sir,” she mumbled at length, and as she admitted the words out loud, her voice broke with her very evident humiliation.
“Tell me again,” he insisted, and this time he allowed just one finger to brush against her labia.
She gasped, but her body shuddered, and her hips began to move again, as though they were acting on some type of reflex. “I’m your pet, sir,” she conceded, her voice louder this time.
Connor rewarded her with one finger, which he slipped effortlessly into her tight channel. Molly moaned gratefully in response, her eyes still blinking away tears as she made eye contact with her captor.
“Do you understand who’s in charge now?” He questioned her, pressing his advantage.
Her head nodded against the bedding beside him as a second digit joined his first inside her pussy. “Yes, yes, sir,” she gasped as he began to ease out, and then back inside her. Her cheeks had a blazing red hue by now, and he knew the spanking must have hurt, but unbelievably, his pet was wetter than ever. It seemed to Connor that she was caught somewhere between agony and ecstasy.
“Who?” He growled, fingering her slowly as he assessed her responses carefully.
She blinked her tears away as best as she could as she replied, panting as her legs splayed naturally to accommodate his intrusion. “You, sir,” she whispered croakily. “You are in charge.”


If you like what you’ve read, then stay tuned. This book will be due this year!

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A glimpse of the darkness to come… #SatSpanks #Dark #BDSM


In the midst of all my excitement regarding the imminent release of The Viking’s Possession, I’ve been penning some increasingly dark material.

For this week’s #SatSpanks post, I’m sharing some of this story for the very first time…


The spanking had gone well, better than he’d dared to hope. Connor had expected her to fight, resist and cry, but in reality she’d been reasonably stoic, as though the thought of showing him how much he was hurting her made the indignation even worse. He narrowed his eyes at that, pondering the point. Was he disappointed that she hadn’t protested more? Had he hoped for a big show? He didn’t like the fact that she could be holding back, but as he pulled in a deep breath he reminded himself of the facts – this was day one. There would be plenty of time to break down Molly Clary. What he needed to do was stay focused on the task in hand, oh and enjoy every facet of the experience.

“Get up now,” he commanded her, missing the warmth of her body as she shifted over him and slowly rose to stand.

Her hair hung in dank strands at her face, her eyes a little red and watery. The skin stretched over those high cheek bones was flushes with obvious embarrassment at having to stand in front of him with her jeans and knickers pooling at her thighs. The effect was satisfying. He wasn’t as satisfied as he hoped to become in the coming days, but for now, the look of the woman before him was pleasing enough.

“After you’re punished, you will apologise, young lady,” he told her with a deliberately clipped tone.

Molly shifted her weight awkwardly, her face flickering with emotion. Evidently, she was both enraged and embarrassed at the decision. “I’m sorry, sir,” she whispered, seemingly pushing the words out in one long breath.

Connor eyed her for a moment, allowing his gaze time to run the length of his body and really explore her. It stopped at the collection of clothing caught around her thighs, and he knew he was smirking as his eyes drew slowly north to the neatly trimmed little pussy on display. He paused here, lifting his left arm and drawing her ropes north so they wouldn’t obscure his view. The look of her was utterly tantalising, sending electricity straight to his already excited cock. He loved how neat her pubic hair was, and wondered just how good that little pussy was going to taste when he finally got to claim her. Then, just as his gaze was about to continue north to her toned midriff, Connor spotted something else. It wasn’t obvious, and for the longest time he wasn’t sure, but as he shifted his weight forward on the bed he could see it was true. Molly Clary was wet! The trimmed hair covering her seam was glistening with what he could only imagine was desire. His eyes shot north to her face, and he noticed how an even deeper blush engulfed her cheeks. So, she knew she was aroused then, and now she also knew that he had found her out…

For the longest moment their eyes locked. Molly’s swilled with a peculiar mixture of what he assumed was fear, shame and arousal. He didn’t know what she saw in his, but the expression on her face told him it was probably lust.

“Did someone enjoy their punishment, Molly?” He asked her sardonically.

Her face fell, her humiliation seemingly complete – or so she thought.

“Molly?” He probed again, his tone still playful as she eyed him fearfully. “It looks as though that sweet little pussy is rather wet, little lady, and I for one have not had the pleasure of touching it, so… I can only assume you enjoyed being over my knee. Tell me, is it true?”

She gulped, her face an absolute picture. She wanted to lie, that much was clear. Molly wanted to protest and tell him what a filthy pig he was for doing this, for spanking her, for claiming such foul untruths, yet how could she? Molly’s body betrayed her, and they both knew it.

“A little,” she whispered at length.

Connor rose before her, his height sending her backwards as far as the ropes at her wrists and the jeans at her thighs would allow. “That is unexpectedly good news, Molly,” he told her with a dark chuckle. “We are going to get on well, you and I…” He allowed his voice to trail away on purpose, although his stare never left the bound woman before him. “Since you enjoyed your punishment, you may also thank me for delivering it, Molly.”

Her eyes found him again in a heartbeat, the look of indignation etched back into her pretty features. “Th-thank you!” She repeated, as though she hadn’t heard him the first time.

“Yes,” he replied, his tone lowering, “and don’t forget what you were punished for, young lady. I’m not sure that beautiful ass could handle another round right at this moment, however much your pussy might want it!”

Molly baulked at that, her cheeks now a deep crimson. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said at once. “And thank you.”

There was no feeling in the words, but she had said them. It was a start.

“Thank me for what, Molly?” He asked as his dark eyes penetrated her face.

She paused as she considered what he now required of her. “Thank you for spanking me, sir,” she answered at last.

Connor smiled as his right hand rose to her chin, once more propping it north so that she could not avoid his eyeline. “You are welcome, Molly,” he told her with a devastating smile. “Now you can conclude your punishment with some corner time, and then – when you’ve had time to think about your error – we can finally begin our story.”


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The latest from my writing desk… #WIPitup


It’s hump day, it’s a new month, and it’s nearly my birthday! To makes things even better, my characters are talking loud and fast – their words coming at me almost as quickly as I can get them on screen…

For this week’s #WipItUp, I want to feature something from my newest WIP. This one came to my in the middle of the night last week, and wouldn’t let up until I’d plotted the first half of the novel. I mean, I never plot. I never have, but this one is different. The characters are screaming at me for time and attention. So, here’s just a tiny snippet – let’s call it an appetiser.


“Turn around, and bend over,” he orders me, and I find my body is scrambling to obey even before I register the command.

He moves wordlessly, securing each of my limbs to the bench with the leather straps I had noticed earlier. As all four of them are buckled into place, my breathing becomes faster and more erratic. This is really happening. I am actually here, strapped down face first over this strange contraption, and soon he’ll be doing goodness knows what to me. My chest heaves as I struggle to pull the necessary oxygen in from the air around us.

“Breathe, Madelaine,” he soothes, rising to stand as he steps away from my left wrist.

Breathe, I snort. Easy for you say, Mr Heilbronn, but my lips remain quiet, wordless, as I watch him wander to my behind.

He touches me, and I brace, expecting pain, yet his caress is gentle. One, maybe two fingers trace an invisible line over my body, beginning at my shoulder blades, and running down to my exposed bottom.

“You are quite exquisite, Madelaine,” he murmurs, his tone full of his own arousal. “Of all of my projects, you, Madelaine – you are the most beautiful.”


Enjoy your day, and here’s to a fabulous new month!

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The Billionaire Beach: Shark Fin.

Author promotion.

Maggie Carpenter joins us today with her red-hot new release, The Billionaire Beach: Shark Fin. 

In the book, Avery Madison, a farm girl from Montana and struggling interior decorator, has been trespassing on a private beach as payback for a broken promise.

For weeks billionaire Dean Guthrie has been irritated by a young woman disrupting his solitude, and finally catching her he pulls her over his knee. Infuriated she marches into the water not noticing the menace lurking in the shallow depths.

Dean’s frantic shouts of warning send her racing back to the sand, and barely escaping the jaws of the great white she falls into his arms at the water’s edge.

Moments later he recognizes the dark-haired green-eyed beauty. At a chance meeting months before she’d begged him to look at her ideas for his house. Though he’d agreed and was eager to see her again the portfolio had failed to appear.

They realize conniving forces must have interfered, but who, and why? As smoldering passion ignites, more questions surface as they are faced with a mysterious spate of nasty misdeeds.

Does someone want to keep them apart, or are Avery and Dean in serious danger…?

A menace lurks and romance flames in this sexy romance. If you enjoy mystery and suspense with take-charge alpha male and feisty female, you’ll love The Billionaire’s Beach. Grab your sunscreen and click the link today.

This sounds like a fascinating read, and just to prove the point, here’s a snippet to whet your proverbial whistle!


A ripple of something indefinable was moving through his body. He’d wronged her, but who was she, and what had he done?

“This isn’t about me owning this property,” he exclaimed. “Tell me, dammit. What’s going on with you?”

“I’m leaving, that’s what’s going on with me,” she snapped, and turning away she hurried towards the water, but to his surprise she abruptly stopped, spun around, and glowered at him. “I’m glad I was irritating, I’m glad I messed with your perfect little world,” she shouted. “Maybe I was wrong to trespass, but you deserved every aggravating moment, and I might have a sore backside but it’s worth it. It’s time you did some thinking…asshole!”

As she stormed off a second time, he stared after her in complete disbelief. The bikini-clad, beautiful young woman had been the source of ongoing irritation for many weeks, and he’d done what came naturally.  He was a dominant, spanking was as inherent as breathing, but had he acted too quickly? Clearly there was more to the story, but why hadn’t she told him? He thought about chasing after her but changed his mind. She was in a state, and he wasn’t feeling particularly happy either. Striding across to the staircase he punched the code into the gate keypad and started up the steps. His habit was to take them two at a time for exercise. He’d been tempted to put in an electric chair, but he liked the forced workout.

“Avery Madison,” he muttered. “I’d remember that name, but her voice, I know her voice, dammit.”

She had a knock-out body, but how could he recognize any woman wearing such large dark sunglasses? Any time he’d studied her through the telescope they’d covered her face. Had it been purposeful? Had she deliberately been hiding behind them so he wouldn’t recognize her?

“Dammit. I should have made her take them off. What’s wrong with me?”

He couldn’t abide sand in his house, and before entering he made it a point to clean it off with a brush he kept hanging on the railing. As he swept his feet and legs he continued pondering, and moving inside he headed up the stairs to his bedroom. As he dropped his clothes into the bathroom hamper, and washed his hands and face, the young woman’s attitude and words continued to weigh on his mind.

“We’ve met,” he mumbled. “I can feel it, and I know your voice. It’ll come to me. Once I calm down, it’ll come to me.”

Quickly dressing in comfortable slacks and a thin v-neck cashmere sweater, he moved swiftly back to the kitchen and filled a mug with coffee from his built-in coffeemaker. Curious to see if she’d left he carried the hot drink outside to the deck, and walking to the railing he stared down at his beach. To his surprise he saw her standing thigh-deep in the water. The baseball cap was gone, and her long dark hair was flirting with the wind. The sun, huge and low on the horizon, was sending a myriad of colors across the sky and sea. The sight was breathtaking. It was a photograph waiting to be taken.

Hurrying inside he grabbed his phone, moved quickly back to the railing and framed the shot. He snapped the picture, and as he stared at the captured image he felt a strange stirring in his soul. He glanced down at her, and to his surprise she turned around and gazed up at him. Had she felt his eyes on her? The moment felt almost ethereal, and impulsively he raised his hand in a simple wave. As she briefly lifted hers in response, he wanted to run down the stairs and pull her out of the water. Without those damn sunglasses he’d know her, he was sure of it, but she had already turned back to face the sea and was moving slowly forward.

“I’m going to have this printed out,” he mumbled looking back at the photograph, then seeing what looked like a speck of dirt on the glass he brushed it aside.

It didn’t move.

He enlarged the image.

A shard of panic sliced through his being.

It was a shark’s fin, and it was perilously close to shore.

It was perilously close to her.


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