The Dark Necessities – Dalton’s Tale

The Dark Necessities – Dalton’s Tale starts out with Tempted, Book one in the trilogy

Tempted Cover

She’s feisty and tempting.
And she doesn’t let anything come in the way of her mission.
I’ve dealt with my fair share of rule-breakers.
So, Delilah isn’t what I need.
But I can’t stop dreaming about holding her in my arms.
She might be hiding a secret.
A secret that could destroy me and burn the city to the ground.

There’s only one question that remains.
Is she worth the destruction that she’s about to cause?

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The Dark Necessities – Dalton’s Tale continues with Taunted, Book two in the trilogy

Taunted Cover

She showed me the light when she came into my life.
And reminded me just how dark love can be. 

I saved Delilah from Morley and Hyland.
It was a pleasure.
That should’ve been the end of it.
I didn’t expect things to get this intense.
I didn’t think our passion could grow so dark, but there isn’t anything I want more than to own her.
I need her soul to be mine.
But we have a new threat looming over us.
Hyland wants revenge and men like him will do anything.
We need to play this carefully.
Or else

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The Dark Necessities – Dalton’s Tale finishes with Tested, Book Three in the trilogy

Tested cover

Watching Delilah being taken was a nightmare.
Living without her is an even bigger hell. 

Delilah isn’t Hyland’s property.
She belongs to me, body and soul.
I was beaten half to death when she was snatched away.
I may be in a hospital bed, but this isn’t over yet.
The story hasn’t even begun.
Hyland will pay for his sins.
For destroying my world.
I’ll bring Delilah back to where she always belonged.
In my arms.
In my future.

Tested is the third book in Dalton’s Tale and the final book in The Dark Necessities series.

It’s a dark romantic thriller with a HEA.

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