The Dark Necessities Trilogy

One obsessed fan. One captive author.

The Dark Necessities starts with Taken, book one in the trilogy.

Lost on the streets of a foreign city, Molly Clary is attacked after a book signing. An unknown hero steps in to protect her, but her relief turns to terror when her savior’s true intentions are revealed.

Connor Reilly doesn’t just want to save her. He wants to take her for himself.

Now Molly’s fighting, not just for her life, but for the essence of who she truly is. If she’s going to survive in Connor’s dark new world, she’ll have to learn to play his base games. But if Molly plays, what will it cost her? Can a monster ever really learn to love, or will his need to dominate destroy them both?

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Tamed continues the story of Molly and Connor and concludes with Entwined. Tamed is scheduled for release December 28, 2018 and Entwined will come January 28, 2019!

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He took her, he caged her, but can he truly tame her?

The Dark Necessities continues with Tamed, book two in the trilogy.

Lost in the woods, author Molly Clary is running for her life. After being trapped in the torrid dark world of Connor Reilly, Molly has made a desperate escape from the tantalising torment, but little does she know what fate awaits her.

Connor is both a man and a monster, and in the depths of his depravity, something scintillating will bloom between them. Molly finds that she is falling for the sadist, a dangerous attraction that will take her right to the brink.

So, now it’s Molly’s choice. Can she manage the monster in order to lure the love of the man? A man who has already demonstrated just how cruel his sadistic streak can be? And when the truth is finally revealed, Molly will need to decide. Where do her true loyalties lie?

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