The Rule of Lawes Series

The Rule of Lawes Series starts with Captured

Captured Cover

It was a trap. 
I thought they were going to cure my dental phobia.
But I ended up as a prisoner instead.
What’s worse?
I’m falling for my captor.
It’s impossible to flee this dark, brutal world.
But my newfound feelings are worth the pain.
The pain that might be permanent.
Because I may never want to escape it.

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The Rule Of Lawes Series continues with Countered!!!


All I wanted was to cure my phobia of dentists.
But instead, they have me locked up and claimed.

I’m at their mercy, held in a basement.
There are other women here.
All of them without any hope of escape.
Everyone, except for April.
It’s up to the two of us to find a way out.
But the torment leaves us hot and breathless–wanting more.
We’re asked to comply to the Rule of Law and Fuller.

We can’t let our urges control us.
There are two sides to this story.
Which one will win?

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