The Viking’s Conquest

Get ready to be conquered by The Viking’s Conquest!

Kidnapped, captured, and captivated, but whose conquering who?
War has come to Donrose, and with her men away, Princess Aurelie is left to defend her castle from the impending northern invasion. Vastly outnumbered and overpowered, brave Aurelie is soon captured and finds herself the new prize of Anders, Prince of the Vikings. Uncertain of her captor, and frustrated by her imprisonment, Aurelie is confused by her burgeoning desires for the towering Anders, but when he puts the maiden over his knee to punish her, her thirst for him threatens to spill over… How can a lady of such high position entertain the idea of a spanking, yet alone be excited by it? Bound, used and displayed, Aurelie’s journey of self-discovery begins as she learns her surrender delivers not only humiliation, but also great arousal and pleasure. With her yearning fit to burst, she yields to her new master, utterly compelled by his dominant affections. But then, all at once – everything changes… And now Aurelie of Donrose must make the ultimate choice and one that she never thought possible. With Anders’ life hanging in the balance, will she choose her family’s lands or her new found love?

This hot BDSM and spanking romance has become an Amazon #1 bestseller on both sides of the pond – thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, and taken the time to review it! You can grab your own copy at the following stores:


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